Phosphate rock processing plant

Phosphate rock is mainly produced in sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and igneous rock. Except for some cases, phosphorus in minerals always exists in the form of orthophosphate, and the main mineral of phosphorus is apatite. Phosphorus is not only an important chemical raw material, but also an essential element for the growth of crops. Industrial phosphorus needs to be extracted from phosphate rock in large quantities for the production of yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizer and phosphate.

Dolomite processing flow

The large phosphate rock is uniformly sent to the jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station (primary crushing) by the vibrating feeder through the silo for coarse crushing;
After the coarse crushed phosphate rock is screened by vibrating screen, it is sent to single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (secondary crusher) by belt conveyor for medium crushing;
The medium crushed phosphate rock material is sent to the multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.